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Ben Kinney is Innovator of the Year

Ben Kinney owns and operates 7 Keller Williams franchises that are home to more than 700 agents in six different counties.  His sales volume in 2014 surpassed $75 million.  Ben credits his success to the Keller Williams models and systems that he has applied to his business strategy.   The economics,  lead generation, budgeting and organizational models are the foundation of his successful business.

 In 2014 Inman News named Ben Kinney as Innovator of the Year, primarily for launching his two companies, Brivity and Blossor. He uses the Keller Williams models to innovate and expand these two startup technology companies that have the potential to transform the real estate industry.

Another key element to Ben’s ongoing success is the use of Leverage, Time Management and Prioritization.  Without strictly applying these key elements, he would not have been able to reach the production level that he has.

Ben is not only an innovator, and our owner, he is a great guy with a big heart who does everything he can to help us build, grow and manage our real estate business.