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Passive Wealth Building – Interested?

What exactly is the Keller Williams  profit share?  Simply put, it is the icing on the cake when it comes to an already stellar organization. The principle behind profit share is treating associates as full business partners with the owners of the market centers.

All associates have an opportunity to participate. Those that do are rewarded financially for bringing other talented, productive agents to the company by receiving a share in the profits generated by the entire office.

 Keller Williams is not a Multi Level Marketing Scheme.

There is No product to purchase and No money to invest, No financial risk and No downpayment. And it only goes to 7 levels, so it is just as fair for those who join today as it was for those who joined 30 years ago.

Real Estate Agent Retirement Plan

Keller Williams is the only real estate company in the industry that offers a retirement plan when you are no longer actively selling real estate. The profit sharing system uses a vesting program where agents who stay with the company for a minimum of three years will continue to see profit share income for the rest of their lives. Then, the agent’s heirs have full rights to that passive income stream for the remainder of their lives.

It’s a true gift that you can pass on to the next generation. All from sharing the gift of Keller Williams Realty! This program truly embodies the KW culture by treating all associates as family. It breeds a coming from contribution mentality that gives all associates a vested interest in helping those around them.

Your profit share checks are yours to spend in any manner that you choose.  You may need to pay for vacations, college for your children or grandchildren, orthodontics, vacations, medical bills, car payments, vacations, Seahawk tickets, student loans, etc.  Did I say vacations?  We choose to invest our profit share in our Retirement Fund so when we retire we can take a lot of vacations.