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Careers in Real Estate

The real estate profession has expanded and offers one of the widest career selections in the business world today. Helping people buy and sell homes, office buildings, industrial property and corporation farmland, property management, land development, mortgage banking, urban planning, real estate counseling, appraisal and research are all aspects of a career in real estate.

Advantages and Rewards of a Career in Real Estate

A career in real estate provides flexibility and freedom to set your own pace. Income directly reflects your efforts, with no limits on what astute, hard-working men and women can earn. Successful people in real estate are goal-oriented, persevering, self-motivated, ambitious and people-oriented. The rewards of a real estate career are a potential for high earnings, autonomy, time freedom, helping people, the intellectual challenge and the satisfaction from those accomplishments.

Working in real estate allows for independence and choices of environment in which to work, and who you would like to work with.

Education for a Career in Real Estate

Real Estate Schools, Colleges and universities now offer a variety of real estate and related courses. At some colleges, students can specialize in a program that leads to a bachelor’s degree in real estate. Some universities offer graduate level courses.

Professional Requirements for a Career in Real Estate

Entry into the real estate profession takes preparation. As with other professions, licensing is required. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, but all require prospective salespeople and brokers to pass a written exam. For more information on licensing, contact the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials at 334-260-2902.

Getting Started in Real Estate

Entry into the real estate field depends on education, training and interests. Most people begin with residential listings and sales. Other possibilities include administrative assistant, showing assistant, listing specialist, property management, in-house marketing, commercial leasing and sales, land specialist, luxury homes, investment properties, etc. etc.

Here at Keller Williams Realty in Everett, we offer a monthly Information/Career Night to explain what a career in real estate will entail, how to obtain your license, getting started in a successful business career, how you can run your own business to fit your lifestyle and how our training and education will help you to become a successful Realtor.  There is a reason why Keller Williams is the number one Real Estate Company in North America and it has been recognized as one of the highest rated real estate companies by numerous publications.

Our next free Information/Career Night will be held on August 11th at 6:30 pm. at the Keller Williams office located at 1000 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett, WA 98208

Contact The Kerwin Pacific Team at 425-239-1956 or to reserve your seat. We are looking for inspired and talented people to join our successful team.